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Supporting the Creation of Your Fishing Traditions on the Test, Itchen and waters of Southern England.

Hello and Welcome

Jon Bond inspecting leaderHello and welcome to Jon Bond Game Angling, where we look to support you in creating your fishing tradition here in the South of England.  Whether you choose to fish the Test, the Itchen or any number of the fine Hampshire chalk streams or maybe you prefer to try some of the fine still waters here in southern England we look forward to meeting you.

We have a very well qualified and experienced team ready and eager to support you so please browse through these pages and contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

What we offer...

View of Syndicate still water North HampshireHere at Jon Bond Game Angling we like to reflect on life, to create memories and experiences that help soothe away the stress of modern life.  We practice the ancient art, now sport, of fly fishing on the very waters that have created the modern traditions of fly fishing.

We have the privilege of being able to share with you the fine chalkstreams of southern England where we wile away time in search of brown trout.  On the Hampshire Avon where Frank Sawyer developed and tested the universally known Pheasant Tail Nymph, the Itchen where George Edward MacKenzie Skues spent many hours on the well-known Abbots Barton beat perfecting his nymph fishing and Isaac Walton author of “The Compleat Angler” fished, the Test home water of the famous Houghton Club with a history back to 1822 and were Fredric Halford and William Lunn started their work which is so much a part of the modern tradition of tying dry flies and the upstream method of fishing.

When you fancy a different experience we have access to some fine still waters on which you can hone your skills and target rainbow and brown trout that are fighting fit.  These waters have seen trout of double figures that send your reel into a frenzy as it sings with the zip of a running fish.  These are some of the best stalking waters where you can perfect the delicate and precise presentation that will raise a trout on crystal clear waters without sending the fish scurrying.

This is a gentle art, a relaxing sport, at times frustrating, full of challenge and whether this is your first venture with a fly rod or you are an experienced angler we look forward to sharing the joys and pleasures of the "brotherhood of the angle" with you.  This is a sport that young and not so young, ladies and gentlemen can all take part. We’re looking forward to meeting you and supporting you at the start of your fishing tradition or to add some more pages to it.

Talk to us and I am sure we can find the right package tailored to your dreams and aspirations.  If you want to keep in touch generally then register for our newsletter Catching Up on the Keeping in Touch page, if you wish to discuss your requirements in detail you can get in touch with us via Contact Us.


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Gone Fishing signDue to our original ISP closing access to the original servers we are having to restructure our website and we are temporarily short some of the content you will be familiar with. Its not all bad news though, as we rebuild our site for you we will be adding more information and spring cleaning at the same time.

Re-loading the pages in phases now, as follows:

There will of course be a number of other things that we discover as we go along with formatting etc.

Your patience and understanding is much appreciated, if you require information that is missing in the meantiime please Contact Us.